Deep Imagery ...


Reconnection & Inner growing


Deep Imagery allows you to dive directly into your inner being and explore the landscapes of your soul. There you will meet your inner guides, who are waiting for you to nuture you and to show you how to get orientation, how to grow and how to walk your path through life in an authentic, fulfilling and joyful way. All that happens in your very own rhythm.


Indigenous communities of different cultures know about the transformative potential of imagination and also how to be in touch with it. Imagination is a very alive and wise dimension inside of each person, a dimension that is able to support our connection with our environment and with ourselves. Unfortunately we often get disconnected very early in our lives from this very ancient dimension inside of us, especially in the modern western world.


Deep Imagery, a method of active imagination based on depth psychology, was developed by the psychologist Eligio Stephen Gallegos PhD from New Mexico. (scroll down to see an interview with Steve).


If you would like to experience the power of your Deep Imagination in a Deep Inner Journey ONLINE (in English, Spanish or German) or if you are just interested to know more about it you are welcome to contact me.



About Margrit:

Margrit Jütte has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany). She lived various years in Colombia and wrote her doctoral thesis based on many years of fieldwork about indigenous Shamanism in the Colombian Amazon.

In 2003 she met Stephen Gallegos, the founder of Deep Imagery.  She completed several years of training with Steve developing her own self awareness through Deep Imagery and learning the skills necessary to be a Guide. Since 2011 she is working as Deep Imagery Guide, guiding individual sessions and giving workshops, mainly in Germany and Colombia, but also online. Deep Imagery has not only saved her own life but has also inspired her to write books and music.

Margrit talks with Steve Gallegos about Deep Imagery

(Festival of the Animals, July 2017)